Seafood Platter - Fresh oysters, mignonette,

cured fish,  beet & squash chips, crème fraiche, dill,  candied nuts,

shrimp & crab roll on biscuit

Duck  Rillette & foie gras torchon, chilli orange marmalade, goats cheese, brioche

Maple & herb braised beef short rib, fresh pasta, roast vegetables

Dessert -xmas squares & cookies  (lemon squares, nuns farts, cookies)


Dinner for 2 -165$ plus tax , gratuities greatly appreciated

(Tickets must be purchased by Wednesday December 28th)

Pick Up Dec. 31st 12-4pm

Village House NYE box

Course 1: Seafood Platter

Oysters - Open the twine bow & top with the mignonette

Cured Trout - Top the chips with the sliced cured trout. Dollop the trout with creme fraiche and beet gastrique. Garnish with dill and candied nut crumble.

Shrimp and Crab Roll - Scoop shrimp and crab salad onto the halved biscuit rolls


Course 2: Foie Torchon & Duck Rillette

Spread foie gras torchon and goat cheese over the brioche,                                                    

garnish with orange chilli marmalade (small jar), and enjoy with bites of the duck rillette.


Course 3: Braised Beef Short rib with Fresh Pappardelle

Preheat your oven to 375°F, and set a pot of generously seasoned salt water approximately 1 tablespoon (should taste like the ocean) to boil for the pasta

Place the short rib container, lid-on, into the preheated oven for 20 minutes on a sheet tray. At the 10 minute mark, put in the roasted vegetable container( lid-on as well)in oven too.

Once everything is heated, fluff and seperate your pasta noodles (so they don't stick together when dropped in boiling water). Place pasta into the boiling water and lower heat to medium high. The pasta is cooked when it floats completely (it won't take long 1- 2mins). Drain your pasta and assemble your plate with your roasted vegetables and cooked pasta, topping with your braised beef short rib.Garnish your shot ribs with the mushroom truffle pesto.


Course 4: Holiday Dessert Platter

Break out your best holiday plate (or just keep them right in the box), arrange your desserts and enjoy!


Happy New Year!

(Vegetarian options available upon request)

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